Design and develop novel and interoperable T&L solutions that will deliver increased T&L node operational capacity and increased efficiency and sustainability of multimodal and transshipment T&L services.


Build and deliver three state-of-the-art T&L experimentation facilities based on real operational multi-stakeholder environments supporting multimodal & transshipment ITU logistics.


Validate the FOR-FREIGHT solutions in real-life multimodal/multi-stakeholder environments using real end-user data, based on carefully designed UCs that will showcase the maturity and business-readiness of the solutions (TRL≥7), demonstrating the superior performance of the integrated, multi-stakeholder logistics chain management.


Foster the development and demonstrate the effectiveness of novel business models and collaborative approaches for interoperable, integrated and cooperative T&L services, utilizing a comprehensive data governance framework.



Ensure compatibility with existing and emerging EU logistics standards, as well as promote and contribute to the standardisation of multimodal, multi-stakeholder end-to-end freight management solutions.